Applications process for new students

Important for the College Application.

New Students: Online Applications

You are considered to be a new student if:

  • You are applying for the first time to Ehlanzeni TVET College;
  • You were not enrolled for any course at Ehlanzeni TVET College before;
  • You did not have a Ehlanzeni Student number in any previous year.

Check out our video Guide for New Application 2024


You must complete  the Career Guidance Exploration


complete the Pre-Entry Placement Assessment section


complete the Online
Application and attach all necessarily documents

Instructions on Application Steps.

Watch the above Video to Guide You Before you start.

You should complete three steps when entering our Application System:

Step 1. You must complete  the Career Guidance Exploration and make sure you know which career to choose (You can explore careers and come back  at anytime or on another day to complete step 2 & 3. Just remember to keep your username and password)

Step 2.  Enter the Profiler System again and complete the Pre-Entry Placement Assessment section (as outlined in the video)

Notes Regarding the Placement Test:

Please Remember That Doing This Placement Screening Is COMPULSORY!

However, you still have the right to choose your own course based on your preference. You will be requested to sign an acknowledgment that you prefer to make your own choice outside of the placement screening report. Your report can be viewed and saved by you. Please do not forget to fill out an online application form with the college. See the college website for access.

Please Follow Instructions And Answer Honestly.

Do not let anyone else complete this screening for you. You will be recommended for the wrong course. If someone else completes the screening this can result in you performing badly in the course recommended by our system.

Once You Have Registered On The “First Time Here?” Button, Complete Everything In The “Pre-Entry Information” Folder Only.

Click on each button and complete All the screening batteries in this folder. Complete ALL the questions even if you do not know the answers.
Click the “Finish” button at the end of each assessment

Important: Please remember to write down and store safely your Username and Password when doing the Placement Screening Registration. If your internet connection drops, you may return the same way as a Returning User and you can continue where you left off. You will also be asked to use it again for more screening when entering college.

Lost Username or Password: You can reset and recover under the “Returning User” button

Step 3.  Finally, you must complete the Online Application section (and upload documents in pdf format) Without this final step we cannot assess your application.

You will be required to upload these into the Application section in digital format such as a PDF, for example. So please have your digital documents ready for upload.

Documents to be uploaded are:

  • ID/Guardian
  • ID/Proof of residence and
  • Lastest results

To access the application you can use either your smartphone, tablet, or computer to apply online.