happy spring ehlanzeni

Message From

The College Principal

I am so excited to be writing my first article in my new capacity as the College Principal. I feel indebted to the Minister of Higher Education, Mr Blade Nzimande for such a bold decision of entrusting such a big responsibility to a rural boy. Every time I think of the responsibility I get scared, scared in that big responsibility entails managing public resources requiring judicious use and almost no room for errors. I get scared also because the responsibility is about the future of hopeful young South Africans, any slight error of judgement could mean destruction of someone’s future and a reduced return on investment from the part of government.

I however find solace one will be operating within a system, a system with proper checks and balances meant to constrain potential errors of judgement. I am grateful to the availability of governance structures meant to provide the required support and guidance. I find solace in the reality that such a responsibility is not bestowed on one individual, it is bestowed on the College Management. The recently approved Post Provisioning Norm in the TVET Sector provides extra cushion to any thoughts of being alone in the responsibility of managing the College. The increased number of Deputy Principals as per the PPN serves as a big source for a shared responsibility.

I am grateful to my predecessor, Mrs M Marais, who in her term of office in the College ensured that the College was guided in putting up systems and structures that guided the operations of the College in a holistic and effective way. The Management under Mrs Marais demonstrated the power of teamwork and it is my wish that that character remains the main character that stands to define what Ehlanzeni is. I therefore present myself to the Collective of Ehlanzeni TVET College and declare readiness to serve within the Collective.

The mid-term period of the Financial year is a very critical period within the TVET space and could therefore be described as the busiest period wherein critical reports and plans are developed. It is during this time that the Strategic Plans and Annual Reports are drafted. The same period in 2020 is not an exception, it is as busy as all the other years the only exception could be that it has an additional hurdle of COVID 19, this therefore makes planning even more difficult with its many uncertainties.

Having witnessed the beauty of collective wisdom I encourage everyone associated with the College to embrace that and support anyone carrying an assignment in the name of the College. I my capacity as principal I wish to indicate that is my wish to witness an upward trajectory in terms of Academic Performance across all programme and with the experience and commitment of the Academic Head, Mr Siboza it is an achievement within our reach.

I wish to witness a clean audit within the next three years and with the expertise and dedication of our DP: Finance Mr Makonza we are going to achieve this feat. These are just a few discrete visions within the bold and bigger vision of being a ‘World-class college providing quality Vocational Education and Training’. It is my wish to witness the internal college stakeholders that pride in the vision, the mission and the values of the College that defines the College, with the current College Council and current College Management all the said deliverables are possible and in fact we can do more.